Perfect steam iron

Precise temperature control due to the digital thermostat with LCD display
Premium durable scratch resistant Rodilium soleplate provides an extreme shot of steam focused at the tip of the soleplate
3-way safety auto off system (vertical and horizontal position)
The built-in Anti-Calc cartridge prevents scale build up inside the soleplate and steam chamber, prolonging the life of your iron.
The Rohaus Perfect Temp Steam Iron is designed with Premium durable scratch resistant Rodilium soleplate that together with Digital thermostat guarantees precise temperature control for effortless and quick ironing.
2400 W
300 ml
Continuous steam
40 g/min
Steam shot
200 g/min
Digital thermostat
Vertical steam
Safety auto off
3-way system
Anti-calc cartridge
Drip-stop system
LCD display
Perfect steam iron
2400 watts for fast heat up
2400 watts for fast heat up
Provides faster initial heat up and rapid heat recovery during ironing. The 2400W element helps to maintain your selected temperature, and provides superior shot of steam output.
Vertical shot of steam. Extreme shot of steam
Squeezing the shot of steam trigger with the iron in an upright position produces a vertical shot of steam, which is ideal for steaming curtains and suits, and removing creases from delicate fabrics.
Squeezing the shot of steam trigger instantly produces a concentrated, high-pressure shot of steam to remove stubborn wrinkles.
Fine spray mist
Pressing the spray button provides a fie mist spray to dampen hard-to-iron fabrics.
Water tank with easy-fil water inlet
Holds 300ml of water for continual high steam performance without having to refil the tank regularly.
Drip-stop steam system
The drip-stop steam system automatically stops water flwing to the steam chamber should the temperature fall too low to generate steam. This prevents dripping, even at low temperatures.
Full length button groove
For ironing around buttons.
Rodilium non-scratch soleplate. Anti-calc
Rodilium is a durable, scratch resistant surface that provides a superior glide and prevents rucking. Exclusive to Rohaus, this premium soleplate features 172 steam holes to maximise steam distribution.
The built-in anti-calc cartridge removes minerals from tap water to prevent scale build up inside the soleplate and steam chamber, prolonging the life of your iron.
LCD screen. Digital thermostat. Variable steam dial. Safety auto-of
The illuminated LCD displays the selected fabric setting.
The digital thermostat provides precise temperature control, allowing you to select the exact temperature recommended for each garment. It eliminates temperature overshoot and minimises temperature flctuations. This ensures consistently superior results and prevents scorching.
Allows you to select the desired steam output for each garment. Alternatively, select the DRY setting to iron without steam.
The iron automatically switches itself of if left in the ironing position (horizontal) for 30 seconds, or in the heel rest position (vertical) for 15 minutes.
Temperature alert
The light located on the iron handle indicates when the iron soleplate has reached the selected temperature.
Green = ready to iron
Orange = heating up
Red = too hot, cooling down
Temperature control
Use the + and - buttons to select the desired temperature setting for each garment, as displayed on the LCD.